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Planning a wedding is a crazy thing.  It is easy to feel a little bit lost during the process and lose focus.  For my husband and myself, the key pieces we wanted to be at the center of our day were a sense of relaxation and fun, a connection to the beauty of the area, and the idea of tying this day to something deep and meaningful.  My husband came to this second wedding having lost his first wife, and I came to this second marriage having lost my faith in love.  This day was a day to celebrate rebirth and reconnection.  In service of these goals, we found, seemingly by a miracle, Kelly Grace Thomas.  


When my husband and I moved into our home in Santa Cruz, California, the previous owner, a poet and lover of words, had left a message for us -- a poem on the refrigerator that summed up this time in our lives with incredible prescience.  About a year later, another poem surfaced unexpectedly, which also spoke to my husband and me, as if it had meant to be found at that time, in this place.  Because of this, poetry, for us, has felt like part of our story.  When we started to plan our wedding, one of the central pieces we wanted, was poetry, a poet, someone who could do what I mentioned before: tie us to something larger than ourselves.


Kelly came in with such love, such generosity of spirit, such zeal, it swept me away.  In reading her work online, I felt she was a kindred spirit and she made our wedding night truly unforgettable.  Our guests were so excited to take a moment and sit with her, working on their own poems or connecting with Kelly and her work.  In addition, Kelly wrote poems for my husband and me throughout the evening, unexpectedly, but, also perfectly.  I can do nothing better than to quote from her: "May you always remember the night the oceans sang you eternal.  The night your family belted Sinatra like a sermon.  The two of you, an orbit of tender, a quiet lesson to be taught in school, when the children ask what is love, all pages will point to you."


I cannot thank Kelly enough for making our evening a night we will always remember.  Whatever Kelly has in store for her future, there is a person in this world who sees love and beauty and can find words to bring that love and beauty to life.  I am so grateful to her personally and so grateful for her work.

--Erica Olsen, Bride 

The Zelda Fitzgeralds were such a fun and unique addition a birthday party we recently planned! The guests LOVED the poems and we were even able to use custom water-colored paper to match the look and theme of the event! I can’t wait to use them again for a future event.

--Marni Haber, Haber Event Group

A recent welcome party at a home, was looking for vignettes of entertainment, and the Typed poems are such a unique and special gift for a wedding.  If you are looking to add a personal touch to your event I would highly recommend The Zelda Fitzgeralds.  Many of our guest told us how they were planning on framing their poems to hang on the wall, making our celebration last for years to come!

--Dennis Silknitter, Silknitter Event Consulting

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