Using Portable Manual Typewriters, The Zelda Fitzgeralds create Custom Crafted One-Of-A-Kind Typewritten Poetry On-Site using Nationally Ranked Poets.  We have been featured at events in Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, Phoenix, Ojai, Riverside, Sacramento, Fort Lauderdale, Santa Cruz, Tucson, and Riverside.

The Zeldas craft on-the-spot personalized keepsake poems at weddings, birthdays, showers, and corporate events!   Our Zeldas spend a few minutes getting to know each guest’s story: what they love about life....  In a fast ten minutes, the Zeldas craft a One-Of-A-Kind original poem written just for you!  Add a monogram or branded stationary, for an impression that will remain on refrigerators and cork boards for days, months, even years to come!

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